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Our Team

We are a group of innovators, pioneers and dreamers.

Mark Masotti, BASc, MEPP

CEO and Co-Founder

Mark has spent almost two decades in leadership roles in the civil, environmental, power, and industrial infrastructure fields. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science (Chemical Engineering) from Queen’s University and a Master’s Degree in Engineering and Public Policy from McMaster University, he has navigated numerous technical, business, and policy challenges in complex fields like anaerobic digestion and energy storage, amongst others. alterBiota brings together numerous of Mark’s passions and provides an outlet for his large-scale innovations in the green materials and energy space. 

Vivek Patel, BEng, MEng

Manager, Data and Process Engineering

Vivek earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering from Gujarat Technological University and a Master of Engineering Design in Process and Production Systems from McMaster University. A passionate tech enthusiast, Vivek constantly explores new tools and methodologies to enhance engineering and research practices. As a self-taught data and software engineer, he expands his skills to drive innovation across disciplines. With a sharp focus on leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Vivek is committed to leading innovation towards building a better and sustainable future. 

Swomitra Palit, PhD

Manager, Midstream R&D

Swomitra completed his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Soft Matter Physics from Memorial University of Newfoundland. His doctoral research focused on macromolecular systems, in which polymers and nanoparticles exhibit complex behaviors due to physical interactions between constituents. Swomitra is an expert in multicomponent colloidal systems and is passionate about the challenges we face with our novel bio-graphene admixture products.  

Mayra Tagliaferri de Grazia MASc, PhD

Manager, Concrete R&D

Mayra obtained her MASc. and Ph.D. in Civil Materials Engineering at the University of Ottawa but her journey into sustainable concrete mix-design began ten years ago as a research assistant at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Her expertise includes low carbon concrete mix-design, aggregate packing, and concrete durability. With over 20 peer-reviewed research papers to her name, she is also a member of ACI 211-00 Proportioning Concrete Mixtures, 221-00 Aggregates, and 241-00 Nanotechnology of Concrete, and she brings a wealth of practical knowledge to her role.

Trevor Byrne, MSc

Manager, Upstream R&D

Trevor holds a master’s degree in physics from Dalhousie University and brings over 15 years of R&D experience in the development of environmentally friendly process technologies to convert a variety of mined ore and waste tailings into value added products.  He is committed to discovering better methods for producing critically needed industrial materials, which have the biggest impact on the planet.    

Paul Vergunst, BSc

Operations Manager

Paul has been in a manufacturing environment for over three decades in various roles including QC Manager, Lab Manager, Quality Manager, Process Engineer, and various Plant Manager roles in multiple companies.  He brings a strong knowledge of implementing systems including multiple ISO registrations and lean production systems.  Paul’s skills are aligned to bringing structure and stability to alterBiota while ensuring that the free flow of ideas needed in such an entrepreneurial organization is maintained. 

Noah Muggah

Concrete Lab Assistant & Safety Representative

Noah is a lifelong learner who is comfortable with almost any challenge. He is equipped with a Diploma in Industrial Instrumentation from Nova Scotia Community College and has earned certifications from the American Concrete Institute University and as a JOHS Safety Representative. Noah is a critical part of the foundation of our concrete testing and safety team.

Harish Bhatta, BEng

Concrete Lab Assistant

Harish brings a substantial blend of expertise and experience to the team. With a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal, he has honed his skills through diverse roles, including Logistics Coordinator and Site Supervisor for disaster relief projects, where community development and social responsibilities were integral parts of his work. Harish’s commitment to excellence solidifies his role within alterBiota’s mission to pioneer solutions for green materials and energy.

Matthew Maclean

Concrete Lab Assistant

Matthew studied electrical technology at Nova Scotia Community College before entering the trades where he worked forming and placing concrete for residential construction projects in Cape Breton. His work ethic and field experience come as a huge asset to alterBiota’s concrete testing team.

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